Your fingers can interpret your personalities

You might not believe it but your fingers can reveal your personality or characteristics especially your little finger.

In South Korea, in identifying the character of a person they use this little finger method.

This is an accurate method even though it may sound bizarre or weird. But many people can attest that the results are accurate.

Some factors that can reveal the characteristics is looking through its length and shape. Below are the interpretation on what your fingers mean:

1.Short finger

This kind of finger cannot reach the first knuckle of the ring finger. Having a short little finger, you are defined as shy and reserved to less familiar people. They don’t have the gutz to follow what they always dream. But if they believed in themselves they can probably achieve these dreams. They are attentive, friendly and a heart of gold.

2.Normal finger

Normal little finger is the one that reaches right to the joint of the ring finger.If you have this kind of finger, you are a balanced and mature person.” Often times, they can easily processed what’s happening and rarely be distrubed. That’s is why they can be cold or distant toward other people.

3. Long finger

This kind of finger has length which reaches the first joint of the ring finger. If you have this kind of finger, you are enthusiastic, passionate, charming, and charismatic person. ” People with this long finger are seeking for attention and people are fond to be with them. They are talented but needs to exert hard work to prove to theirselves they are talented.

4. Same as ring

It is kind of little finger where the tip of it is almost equated with the tip of the ring finger. People that have this kind of finger are ambitious, free – power-hungry, have a good chance to become politicians, directors, or  celebrities and influential personalities.” They can contribute a great deal to the society. They have the potentials, but can start misundertandings or conflict to other people.

5. Low positioned

The root of the little finger is set much lower than the root of the other fingers.”This people live in a make-believed world. They have a lot of dreams on their minds but they choose to let those dreams just be dreams than realizing their.

6. Square shape

When the first joint of your little finger reminiscent of a rectangle and its tip is flat, it means that you have a boxy little finger.” People having this finger are honest that can be both their weakness and strength. They have good qualities. Also, they can’t make friends that easy because they sensitive and offensive but they refuse sincerity from other people. They fully trust other people and can be an effective leader to the group.

7. Spiky

This people have pointy tip of their finger. They are well known for their excellent  and phenomenal public performances. They are also very good writers, diplomats and they find it very easy learning foreign languages. They are able to resolve a very delicate situation with a lot of tact.”

8. Curved

You have a place in this group if the top of your little finger is bent towards the other toes.” Usually people with this curved fingers are afraid of confrontation because not because of their fears but because of they are pacifists and want to avoid conflicts if possible. They promote peace to their surroundings.