When you are still single here in the Philippines why not fly abroad? Maybe there is your destiny waiting for you!

This man has a very gorgeous and beautiful fiancee everyone admired and dream of. Have you ever talked to yourself saying there will be no one to love you anymore? You have waited for so many years but still no one was there to pursue you and no one was there for you to chose? This might seem heart breaking to anyone, but with this photos you will probably have another chance, another time to think that maybe there will still be a chance, another day to pray for that special someone that God had prepared you with.

This viral photos was a great example that nothing is impossible to those who love. There will be no differences in love, no issues regarding skin color or even what country he or she came from. As long as you love each other you will always know that you and your partner always have each other to hold on to, to grow, and to explore more things together.

Having a partner for a lifetime was indeed an endless blessing from the Lord that out of the billion people in the world, there was this one and only person that was destines to be your lifetime partner regardless of ethnicity, regardless of race differences, regardless of social status, and regardless of nationality.