This man was brave enough to face his greatest fear but he suddenly discovers that his safety harness was not on!

He believed that his harness was on but he was wrong. Have you ever tried facing your greatest fears ever? Have you ever been on a situation that you actually wished you never ever had?

This viral video posted on social media surprised most of the people who already had watched the video because the man was happily and bravely done facing his fear of height but the least thing he knew was the fact that his harness was not safely secured on his back. The man was brave enough to face his fear and successfully reach the opposite end of the line. If it was another person maybe he or she will cry in tears and shout in fear because what if he was not able to pass the track, will he be safe if he ever falls out of the place? Is the incident just an incident or it was planned to know what would probably the reaction of the man will be?

This might be a reminder to each and everyone of us to be more careful, more responsible and more careful in this kind of situations.