This cute little girl loves her mommy so much, she even told his daddy “Pakainin mo yun, asawa mo un”

A cute little daughter loves her mother so much even when she is not around. Children were blessings from God, bundle of joy of every parents and the comfort, relaxation and laughter of every member of the family.

On this viral video posted on social media this little girl captures the heart of many because of her unconditional love to her mother. His father was the one talking to her and saying that he will not let her mommy it because they don’t love her anymore but the little child insisted that he should feed her mommy because she was his wife! Many social media users had fun of the situation as well as the words that are used by the little girl in describing about her mother.

She also said that she loved her mother so much because she was her mother! It was a very fulfilling and heart warming scenario for a parent to hear from their child how much their child love them and how much their child cared for them.

This video serves a great inspiration to all parents in raising their child and for the children to look for their parents and take care for them as well in the simplest thing they can possible do.