This contestant has a unique taste in choosing a national costume that surprised everybody

Not your ordinary and particular national costume. Many of us are fond of watching beauty pageants as part of that fondness most of us also wished we had what it takes to be actually a contestant and probably the winner of our most watched and most dreamed beauty pageants.

A video on social media went viral having 254 thousand views as of this writing together with 2.5 thousand shares, and 3.8 thousand reactions. One of the most awaited part of beauty pageants are the talent portion and of course the national costume, where in the contestants will be able to share the cultures and beliefs of their group or community.

On the said viral video, the contestant surprised the people as well as the judges on her costume. She was wearing a traditional clothing of Cebu with a child she was carrying as well as the two goats and leaves of plants on her other hand. It was indeed a very witty way to show where you really came from.