These Cell Phones Are Very High in Radiation and Dangerous to Our Brain – Here’s the Lists

SAR or Specific Absortion Rate is the measure of the rate that body tissues absorbing radiation energy during cell phone use. The SAR for cell phone radiation was set at a maximum of 1.6 watts of energy absorbed per kilogram of body weight. The limit was set due to the thermal effects of cell phone radiation because it can heat human body tissue at high levels. This cell phone radiation might cause tissue damage, DNA damage and even cancer.

For 1.6 SAR cellphone, the limit is based upon a cell phone call that averages 30 minutes when the cell phone is held at the ear. For cellphones with low SAR, even though it has low SAR, if you use your cell phone for couple or more hours, the result will be the same.

Holding a phone away from the body or using a wired earpiece lowers the amount of radiation absorbed, and text messaging rather than talking, further lowers the amount.

These are the Top List Cellphone Units and its SAR:

Source: Davidwolfe