There will always a best friend that will support everything about you

This little boy helped his friend tricked other kids by their so-called magic. We always had someone we treat as our very dear best friend. We have our best friends in good and bad times.

Sharing everything from foods, problems, celebrations, and a lot of experience and memories. On this viral video posted on social media, it was a very memorable scenario where a little boy wants to have a good time together with his other playmates.

This little boy has his dear best friend beside him and they both execute their funny little prank. The other two little children were supposed to be the victim, they are not aware of the fact that they are just being played by the other two children. The other little boy victim was indeed very amazed and seen to be so shocked by what the other boy had done on making the stick to disappear very suddenly. It was just very cute to know that a very young age they already know how to help their friend in need and how to work as a partner.

May this always be a reminder to each and everyone of us to enjoy life, enjoy it as long a you are young, and as a parent let all your children enjoy their childhood, let them play as long as they still want to play but still have your boundaries no matter what.