The funniest version of the boom boom dance had been commented by many people on social media

This siblings really had a siblings’ rivalry for sure. We have watched many versions of the boom boom dance craze. Everywhere in the country had known this dance craze.

Little children, teenagers or the so called millennial, the young at hearts, and even our grandparents who are having their zumbas  once in a while had their own version of the boom boom dance challenge. On this viral video posted online the older sister had set up the camera and the background as well for her boom boom dance performance. She was very game and dedicated on the said viral video as it is seen on her eyes the eagerness to made a great dance performance ever. But suddenly, her younger sister appear on the video as if she was acting and pretending to do somethings not knowing that her older sister was doing a dance performance. Because of what the younger sister has done, the older sister had spank the little girl as if they are having a little fight but it was just a simple gesture of two siblings irritating the other.

The older sister seemed annoyed that is why she told her younger sister to stop but the little sister still do things to provoke her older sister. This video was a real presentation of Filipino siblings that despite their differences and naughtiness still have care and love to each other.