Sweet Potato is Good for the Brain, Guts, Heart, with Ulcer and Diabetes – Here’s Why

This is one of the staple foods available in different places in the world, sweet potato. If you are one among people who already eaten and tasted this tuberous root, it’s a good thing because beside from its delicious characteristic, below are the wonders of sweet potato can offer to your health.

Thanks to Doctor Willie Ong and Doctor Liza Ramoso-Ong for sharing their knowledge regarding the facts and health benefits of eating sweet potato. You should sometimes and maybe always include sweet potato when you go at supermarket!

Sweet potato contains antioxidants A, C and E, also called ACE, which prevents cancer and heart diseases.

Good for Diabetic Persons
Sweet potato is a good food choice for those who suffer from diabetes because it has complex carbohydrates that gradually releases sugar in the blood. Sweet potatoes only have 103 to 107 calories which is also a low glycemic index which does not lift up blood sugar level but normalizes its level.

Good for the Heart
Sweet possesses potassium, an electrolyte that is good for heartbeat which also decreases the blood pressure. This is because sweet potato constantly balances the fluid in your body.
B6 pyridoxine is a beta-carotene that prevents homocysteine, a factor that hardens the veins and blood vessels.
According to Harvard School of Public Health, sweet potatoes are one of the best sources of B6 pyridoxine.

Good for the Brain
Brain and nerves normally functions and complete with B1 thiamine, riboflavin B6 pyridoxine, and trypophan folates which is found in sweet potatoes.

Good for the Eyes
The orange colored or the pulp of sweet potato contains beta-carotene that neutralizes free radicals before it could cause damage to the nerves of the eyes. It contains 120% of beta-carotene which is the recommended daily intake.

Good for Your Guts
Consumption of sweet potato is also good to those who suffer to peptic ulcer. According to Oregon State University, the manganese and fiber found in sweet potato easily digests the carbohydrates we took. Manganese also acts in leveling the sugar in the blood normally, makes it possible for the body to use antioxidants, and to give us a good appetite.

Lowers the Risks of Cancer
The colored violet skin type of sweet potato is an active antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. The anti-cyanine in its skin made it possible for the sweet potato to have its purple color.
The National Institute of Health stated that consumption of sweet potato lowers the risk of having breast cancer in newly menopaused women and lowers the risk of having ovarian cancer of those who are menopaused.

Good for Losing Weight
Unlike other diet food, sweet potato is a good choice to eat, beside from its low calorie, you will feel full in a prolonged time because sweet potato is heavy to the tummy. It also calms hunger.
Sweet potato also has magnesium which is good in fighting stress because it relaxes, calms, and gives you good mood when eaten.

Ways to Eat Sweet Potato
There are several ways on how to eat sweet potato and it is normally eaten as dessert. You can make camote cue, roast it, make a mashed sweet potato, and add in adobo, asado, and afritada, ginataan, and other native desserts.

Source: DocWillieOngOfficial