See The Transformation of This lady: From Chubby To Sexy Body By Just Drinking Water

Every day, our body needs at least eight glasses of water, but there are proper ways to drink it. Luchie de Leon, a lady who is struggling with her chubby weight tried a different way of losing weight. According to her, she had tried too many weight loss program, but nothing works for her.

Want to know her secret? Water! Yes, water is her secret. Every morning, Luchie drank two glasses of water, and every time she feels hungry, she drinks a glass. She observed and waited for 10 minutes after she drinks the water, if she feels hungry then it is a sign that she really needs food, otherwise, she just needs water.

Plain water works but adding a lemon can boost its potential, by adding, it helps detoxify your body and lose weight faster. Ginger can also help. Luchie inspired a lot of netizens due to her natural transformation.

Her pictures from being a chubby lady to a sexy body prove that proper drinking of water helps the body function well. How about you, are you ready for summer? Dare to try Luchie’s secret.

1. Drink at least two glasses of water before meal.

2. Drink water every time you’re hungry. Wait for 10 mins, if you’re still hungry by that time it means you’re indeed hungry. Otherwise it just meant you’re thirsty. It’s a mind trick our body sometimes play.

3. It would be better if you put some lemon in your water to detoxify your body. I think it’s more effective that way.

4.if you can, try adding ginger on the mix. It’s truly effective too.

I tried a lot of food diet programs and i also jogged but they just don’t work on me. This is the only method that works for me.

There were a few who messaged me that they tried this way of losing weight but they felt bloated. I felt the same waybwhen i started but eventually i felt good.

You’ll find yourself going to the rest room multiple times but you and your body will adjust and you’ll see the results in no time.

Source: Facebook