SALT, PEPPER and LEMON Can Solve These 7 Problems Better Than Any Medicine

These kitchen stuffs are very ordinary and normally available at house. These are typically used in food preparations but can also be used for curing health problems. No side effects unlike large varieties of medicines.

These are what you can do with Black Pepper, Lemon and Sea salt:

Sore Throat
Get rid of your sore throat by combining 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice, half a teaspoon of black pepper and a teaspoon of sea salt in a glass of warm water.
Gargle a few times daily to relieve your sore throat and prevent coughing.

Weight Loss
Drink 1/4 teaspoon of ground black pepper, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and one tablespoon of honey in a glass of warm water if you want to speed your metabolism. Lemon’s polyphenols prevent weight gain and boost insulin sensitivity which aid in burning fat.

Your upset stomach can be soothed with black pepper, while lemon’s scent stops nausea. Mix a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and a teaspoon of black pepper in a tall glass of warm water. Drink slowly until you feel better.

Asthma Attack
This should always be kept on hand if you or a family member is asthmatic. To prepare, add 10 grains of pepper, 2 clove buds and 15 basil leaves in a cup of boiling water. Leave it simmer for 15 minutes and strain in a glass jar with a lid. Add 2 tablespoons of raw honey and cool. You can keep it in fridge for up to 2 weeks. Consume with milk better taste.

Mix half of teaspoon of ground pepper and clove oil to heal an aching tooth. Apply this on your sore tooth. In order to prevent toothache, floss and brush your teeth two times a day. Also, avoid sugary or acidic foods.

Clogged Nose
Relieve the stuffiness of your clogged nose by sneezing. Mix equal amounts of black pepper, cinnamon, cumin, and cardamom seeds into a mortar and pestle and grind until you make a powder.
Smell the mixture slowly and embrace the sneeze.

Cold and Flu
Squeeze a half of lemon in a large cup with boiled water. Soak the pulp and peel for 10 minutes. Add a spoonful of organic war honey. Drink the remedy until you feel relieved.