Home Remedies to Effectively Disappear Stye in No Time – “GULITI”

Stye is an infection of oil gland in the eyelid and results in a red tender bump at the edge of the eyelid. The cause of stye is bacterial infection but the frequency at which they occur is unclear and it may happen at any age. Stye is not painful but can cause complications inside or outside the eyes.

Stye can last up to two weeks if not treated. It can infect other through medium like shared washcloths or face towel. Antibiotic eye ointment can be used to treat stye but what if it touched the eye? Below are the best home remedies to quickly remove stye. Read on and also share this to help others with stye!

Warm compress – this is most recommended to speed up improvement of stye disappearance. Applying heat helps to remove the pus inside the bump which will lead to quick healing. Pus is the one to worsen the bump. Just simply pat a small piece of cloth in warm water and place on the affected area. Repeat this until pus ruptures.

Green tea – apply green tea like what stated above. The difference of green tea is it has anti-inflammatory properties and it prevents further infection.

Turmeric – this is one the best anti-inflammatory spices. This will cure stye in no time. Just boil some turmeric, let it cool, strain with cheesecloth and use the liquid to disinfect the eyelid. Consuming food with turmeric will make stye heal faster.

Aloe vera gels – if aloe vera is available in your backyard, pick an aloe leaf, cut into two then apply the sticky liquid of the aloe vera to the infected area. Rinse thoroughly afterwards. The sticky liquid is capable of killing the stye bacteria and it also promotes healing.

Guava leaves – traditionally, guava leaves is used in disinfecting wound and lesions to prevent infection and guava leaves is proven to have properties to heal. Just simply boil some cleaned guava leaves and dip a small cloth and apply to the stye. You can also use cooled boiled guava leaves and wash your eyes. Do these effective home remedy couple of time for several days.

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