Heavy Reasons Why Chicken Skin is Actually Good for You – Doctors

Traditionally, we all treat and consider the skin of the chicken to cause bad for the health. You have been probably told that chicken skin can only fattening, raise your cholesterol, raise your blood pressure levels and even contribute to heart disease.

Recommendations are wrong because there is no need for you to remove the skin of the chicken before you cook or eat it. Health experts from University of Harvard confirmed that it will not cause any health problems but you are actually avoiding it benefits which includes the following below.

It is actually good for the heart – most people stay away from eating chicken skin because they regard it to cause bad for the heart. Chicken skin actually contains unsaturated fats, a heart-friendly fat which helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

It is more flavorful – there is no need for you to add salt to make your dish tastier especially when you roast chicken because its skin gives great flavor to it. This is good as you avoid and lower the horrific consumption of salt.

It doesn’t absorb much oil – thanks to the skin of the chicken as it works as a barrier not to absorb oil while cooking. You should not worry to excessive oil dish.

“Back in the day, people ate the whole bird, skin, fat and all, and they did not have any problems. But this was because the chicken was reared well, unlike today, where most chickens available commercially are injected with hormones and antibiotics and are just highly unnatural. And the sad part is that whatever chemicals are consumed by the chicken is stored in the fat. Since the skin contains mostly fat, this part of the bird can be highly toxic when eaten. If you know that the chicken has been reared well, however, then go ahead and consume the skin, but do so in small amounts.” – says Susie Rucker, a Nutritional Therapist at Body with Soul in Singapore.

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Photo by WikihowStethnews