Everyone is Freezing Their Lemons – This is Why You Should Too!

Unluckily, lemons can only stay fresh for a short period of time, it easily rot within few days. Lemons have wide range of usage in culinary and for the benefits of the health so it’s best not to be wasted.

People often buy plenty of food to make their trip from grocery or wet market worthy. The reason is to save time and energy and to avoid going back and forth from the store. We automatically place fruits and vegetables to refrigerator to keep their freshness longer.

This event is same with lemons, but lemon cannot last long even it is stored into refrigerator. This also happened to me when I’m making lemon soaked in water. I associate this while I’m losing some pounds but one lemon is enough to make it. I bought four pieces of lemon and I let it in the fridge for few days to be used the next days. I noticed it became wrinkled and somehow rotten, but of course I still used it.

I didn’t know the technique wherein I should just need to place the lemon into freezer and let it froze. This trick will maintain the freshness of the lemon. However, there are important things you should consider before you place the lemon into the freezer.

1. Choose lemons without dark spots and soft parts.
2. Wash them thoroughly.
3. Place in a storage plastic bag such as ziplock before placing into the freezer.

You can also freeze grated lemon, sliced lemon, lemon juice and lemon zest. With this trick, you will help you save lemon from being wasted. Moreover, except from lemon seed for its strong bitter taste, all parts of the lemon are useful especially the lemon peel because it contains five to ten times more amount of nutrients than to its juice.

Science also back the efficiency of lemon peels as studies claimed that lemons are more powerful than chemotherapy because it is effective in treating cancer cells.

The next time you buy lemon and you don’t have plan to use them all, make sure to freeze them before it become wasted.

Source: Stethnews

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