Devil’s Breath: The SCARIEST plant in the world that can cause Amnesia and can also lead to Death

Devil’s Breath belongs to the category of bush plants. A tree that is usually has one stem, which at some height has branches.

The plant is common in the South American country of Colombia. The seed of the plant, when powdered and extracted via a chemical process, contains a chemical similar to scopolamine.

The compound’s effect is said to lead to hallucinations, frightening images, a lack of free will and. Amnesia can also occur, leaving the victim powerless to recall the events he or she did.

The United State department noted that the intake of scopolamine can make the user unconscious for 24 hours or more.

Abuse or a high dosage of the compound can cause dangerous fast heart rate, dilated pupils, toxic psychosis, confusion, vivid hallucinations, seizures or comatose, respiratory failure and it can also lead to death.

The chemical is said to be frequently used mostly by criminals. It is said that it is used being blown into face or via handkerchief soaked in chemical but it is not. The effect can be done by liquid or powdered form placed into food or beverage.

United States department warned the travelers to always take cautions because of the risk of robbery and sometimes, rape. Some incidents occurred in night clubs and bars. However, wealthy-appearing men are often targeted by young and attractive women.

To prevent assault through the use of scopolamine, United States Department recommended these rules when traveling:

1.Never leave food or drinks unattended while traveling.
2.Do not accept food or drinks from strangers or new acquaintances.
3.Travel in a large group is best when possible, and do not leave with a stranger.
4.Always check the State Department’s crime and safety warnings before traveling to a foreign country.
5. medical assistance immediately if you think you have been drugged.