Burn Your BRAs Now! This is What Scientists Discovered and Studies Revealed!

Bra or brassiere is mainly used to support woman’s breast. It is quite important for girls to wear them mostly when exposed in public, it is also serves as barrier and used to hide nipples from being visible to avoid “male gaze”

But did you know that wearing NO bra is actually better for your breast?

According to a 15 year French study, bras has nothing to do in reducing back pain and chest support but are actually causes breast to sag even more and could even add to the problem.

“Bras are a false necessity”, said Professor Jean-Dennis Rouillon, a sports science expert from The University of Besancon in Eastern France, researcher of the 15 year study.

Researchers also explained that bras limits the growth of supporting breast tissues, leaving the breast to wither and degrade more quickly, contrary to the bra-less women who developed more firmer breasts wherein stretch marks also fade.

Professor Rouillon and his team spent years measuring the changes in the breast with 330 women using slide rule and calipers at the University Hospital in Besancon.

In Greer’s 1970 book: The Female Eunuch tackled “bra burning” movement because of its restrictive and how uncomfortable bra could be. It also said that “Bras are a ludicrous invention”. Women did not literally burn their bras; it actually means to stop wearing them.

Dangers of Regular Wearing of Bra

  • If you’re using underwire bra, it could damage breast tissues mostly while sleeping. It can also restrict blood circulation.
  • You may experience irritation while wearing ill-fitting bra. The hooks and straps can also cause lesions if worn for too long
  • You will experience restlessness for its uncomfortable feeling. We all know that bras are expensive.
  • Too tight straps and hooks contacting the skin can cause hyper pigmentation, causing darkening to the particular areas.
  • The warmth can cause breast fungus inside your breast.
  • They reproduce and develop if bras are worn for a long period in a warm environment.

As a recommendation, better remove your bra as often as you can, remove it when you’re at home most importantly before hitting the bed, and choose the right and comfortable bra.

When You Go Braless

  • If you want to prevent your nipples from being visible, you may use nipple tape or pasties by forming an X.
  • This is commonly bought in lingerie section of department stores.
  • Use silicon nipple covers. Wear thick fabric tops such as silk or satin top.
  • Choose dark colors clothing because nipples are less likely to become seen through bright light.
  • Fabric with small patterns can also help to conceal you nipples.

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