Blood Type-O: This is Why you Should Stay Away from this kind of habbit.

People have different type of blood type groups such as type A, B, AB and O, with +, −. Blood types are inherited via contribution from both parents.

Blood type-O is different as the plasma of this type of blood is compatible with other blood type groups but other types are not compatible with it. This is the reason why it is called as universal donor.

Blood type-O negative is the rarest among all types of blood and if it happens that you needed this type of blood for operation or if you’re suffering from blood loss due to accident, it is quite hard to acquire such type of blood and this is a con.

People with blood type-O are impulsive and hyperactive and they are great to handle stress. Also, they are natural born leaders.

The reason why blood type-O should stay away from drinks with caffeine or alcoholic beverages is because these drinks are natural adrenaline booster and harmful as they could cause and spike excessive hypertension.

This event especially happens often when you are weary or super exhausted. Try to notice this and monitor yourself via test using Sphygmomanometer, a device used to measure blood pressure.

This could cause health damage in the near future so you better avoid drinking these. Prevent this by doing regular exercise three to four times a day.

Photo by Wikivisual under CC BYDurgapuradda