10 Factors You Might Be Doing to Cause You Bad Breath

“First impression last”. This is quite popular saying and I can say it’s true. My professor once told me that to have good grades, you have to impress your professor at first and he/she will remember you as a good student so there will always be considerations when it comes to academic grades. Likewise when a guy courts someone he likes, he need to impress her to get her attention. But what if he has Halitosis, also known as “Bad Breath”, surely she will be disappointed at some point and remember him for his foul smell breath.

Below are 10 factors to cause bad breath you should avoid.

Poor Oral Hygiene
If you’re not maintaining your oral hygiene, bacteria builds up between your teeth, gums, and tongue which causes unpleasant smell. This could also lead to tooth decay.

You should always keep yourself hydrated especially your mouth, as you can notice, dry mouth results into bad breath as your saliva is drying out. This is the top cause of bad breath.

Excessive Outdoor Exercise
In a European Respiratory Society study, shown that athletes is more prone to bad breath because too much outdoor air dries out mouth easily especially when you are exposed to pollution.

High Risk of Heart Disease
Gingivitis is one of the warning signs of cardiovascular disease. You must treat your bad breath problem before it could put you to risk. Click the link below to know how to treat bad breath.

Tonsillitis is also one of the factors to cause you bad breath. As you can see, bacteria are building up in your tonsils, wherein it promotes and worsen halitosis or bad breath.

High Pre-term Delivery Risk
Halitosis and gum disease have a high risk of delivering a low birth weight babies, pregnant women should be aware of the risk halitosis may give.

Stomach Ulcer
When you think that there is nothing wrong with your mouth but you feel too much acidity within your guts, it could be the culprit to cause you bad breath. Helicobacterpyroli is a bacterium that causes stomach ulcer and halitosis.

Researchers believed that there is a biological dysfunction that plays a role that causes halitosis to those who have excessive weight.

Too Much Mouthwash
Many of us tried using mouthwash and you can see, it really kills the bacteria within your mouth. But too much usage of mouthwash is bad because it is highly concentrated and can make damage within your mouth. It is important to alternately brush and use mouthwash.

Another health problem to cause halitosis is diabetes due to poor production of insulin resulting to give your breath a fruity odor or acetone-line smell.

If it happens that none of the factors above causes you bad breath, you should consult a doctor or you can also treat yourself with remedies provided in the link below.